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Articles and interviews

Handweavers Guild of America, Textiles and Tea Episode 117 Interview, March 2023 on green burial, growing willow, and weaving caskets.

Highland Farms Presentation, September 2022: Cassie Barret of Carolina Memorial Sanctuary on green burial, Sarah Lasswell of Moss & Thistle Farm Natural Casket Co. on willow caskets, And Ursula Goebels-Ellis and her team of death doulas on their experience weaving Ursula’s burial tray together.

 Carolina Memorial Sanctuary Newsletter, January 25, 2022 Highlight


Article on featuring an interview with Jack Webb about his experience weaving burial vessels for himself, his partner Nancy and his dog Pal, September 2023.

Short video tour of the farm, NC Foothills Farm Tour, Spring 2019.


WNC Ag Options Grant Highlight, 2022.

Funerary Artisans Collective, a collective of artists and craftspeople dedicated to making eco-friendly vessels for use in natural burial spaces.

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