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I'm Sarah

Meet Sarah Lasswell…, artist, farmer, and the driving force behind Moss and Thistle Farm., Sarah is a casket maker and willow weaver, with a passion for green burial and a deep reverence for nature and community. Through her artistic vision and commitment to sustainability, she weaves a legacy of eco-conscious farewells, crafting exquisite willow caskets, burial trays, and shrouds and that embraceing the beauty of our natural world. With each creation, Sarah invites you to embark on a journey of heartfelt remembrance, celebrating and honoring our time here on Earth.

Moss and Thistle Farm

Welcome to Moss and Thistle Farm, where artistry meets sustainability in the realm of green burials. Our journey began with the passion and dedication of Sarah Lasswell, a casket maker and willow weaver based in the serene landscapes of Asheville, North Carolina. With a profound reverence for nature and a commitment to honoring loved ones in an environmentally conscious manner, Sarah established this farm as a sanctuary and place of healing.

At Moss and Thistle Farm, we take pride in offering a unique array of burial options that embrace the beauty of nature and the artistry of handcrafted caskets. Our signature willow caskets, intricately woven by Sarah, stand as a testament to the timeless tradition of green burials reimagined for the modern world. Beyond willow, our offerings include simple pine designs and burial trays with shrouds, all carefully crafted to honor the essence of life and the sanctity of nature.

As stewards of the Earth, we are deeply committed to sustainability in every aspect of our work. Our farm sources willow from Appalachian family farms, including our own, and combines it with other natural materials like unfinished pine, poplar, hemp, jute rope, cotton, linen, and wool. These biodegradable elements ensure that our caskets gently return to the Earth, leaving behind a legacy of eco-consciousness and respect for the environment.

At Moss and Thistle Farm, our mission extends beyond crafting exquisite caskets; we actively promote green burial practices and collaborate with local conservation cemeteries, working with community groups to establish new environmentally friendly cemeteries, and assist our friends and neighbors with home burials. We believe that green burials are not just a ceremony, but a profound act of stewardship, acknowledging our interconnectedness with nature and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us at Moss and Thistle Farm and be part of a movement that celebrates life, love, and the beauty of our natural world. Our commitment to creating meaningful and sustainable farewells, rooted in the essence of nature, invites you to weave your own unique story into the fabric of this timeless tradition. As you explore our offerings and learn about our harvesting practices, you will discover a sanctuary where artistry and sustainability unite, inviting you to bid farewell to your loved ones in a way that resonates with the heart and the Earth.

The Farm's Story



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Moss & Thistle Flower Farm was born in 2018. Annual and perennial flower gardens were planted to supply local communities with sustainably-grown, unique and beautiful flower varieties. Through 2021 we ran a flower CSA and provided blooms to local florists. Though we are now concentrating our farming efforts on establishing our willow crop, we will soon be re-opening flower sales for funeral and  memorial arrangements. Until then the perennial flowers are still here to feed our bees and delight our visiting humans. 


Our first row of basketry willow was planted on the farm in 2019, as a way to stabilize erosion-prone soil in our bottom field. We have continued to plant rows each winter, and currently tend around a half acre of willow. 

Watch this space for a link to our new willow information page!


Virtual Visit

Coming Soon! A photo tour of the farm...

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Working with Sarah on my mother's casket gave me a profound connection to the process of saying goodbye. 




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