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  • What is your delivery range?
    Delivery within 50 miles of Union Mills, NC is included in our casket & tray prices. Delivery between 50-150 miles can be arranged for an additional fee. In addition, we make occasional delivery trips to, SC, GA, TN, FL, VA, and WV. Please get in touch for details. We can ship caskets via UPS freight within the US. We also recommend checking out to check if there are other makers near you.
  • How long does it take to have a custom casket made?
    In general, we ask for at least two weeks to create a custom willow casket or tray. However, if we have willow soaked and ready to weave- we can sometimes finish a casket in a week or less. Pine Casket special orders, take a minimum of 4 days. Please get in touch to discuss timing. We always try to have at least one Willow Casket, one Pine Casket, and one Willow Burial tray in stock at all times, and can usually provide next day delivery within our delivery range. If you are in need of a casket right away, please be in contact via phone and we will do our best to help.
  • Can you help me design a custom casket?
    Absolutely. At Moss & Thistle we believe in creating sacred containers that embody those who will rest in them. If you have a vision for your vessel, we would love to help you bring that to life.
  • If I am working with a Funeral Home can I still purchase a casket directly from you?
    Yes. Federal Law is designed to protect consumers. You are able to purchase directly and either deliver or have it delivered directly to your Funeral Home. The Funeral Home is legally prohibited from charging you for providing your own casket.
  • How big are your caskets?
    Our average sized casket is 6 ft long, 22 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. We can make custom sizes to order.
  • Can multiple people join in the weaving process?
    Yes! Weaving together can be an incredibly beautiful and healing experience. We love being able to offer couples and small groups that very opportunity. We try to keep small groups to four or less.
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