Woven Willow Coffins

                                               Our natural and                       sustainable willow coffins are woven                  by hand on our farm in the                                Appalachian Mountains. Each coffin               is made with love and attention over the     course of several days, each rod chosen and                                        incorporated with care.                                           It is an honor to create                                             these vessels, that come from the earth and return to it, passing through our hands for a time and carrying us forward.



Willow is an incredibly beautiful, sustainable and renewable material. It can thrive in diverse environments,  and provides wonderful habitat for wildlife.  Basketry willow rods grow from a stump called a stool, are harvested to the ground in winter. They regrow completely each year, and stools can produce rods for decades. We are in our third year of planting our willow field, which one day will produce all we need to weave our coffins. Until then, we source willow from small family farms in Ohio and West Virginia. 









Lining and other options

Our willow coffins come lined with %100 undyed cotton fabric. Soft %100 wool batting can be incorporated for a cozy bottom pad, and is included in all infant and child coffins. We can also work together to personalize a coffin with different fabric and  color choices. We make all our linings and bedding by hand, and love incorporating fabrics that have special meaning for you. 

Planning ahead

Willow coffins are beautiful and strong, and can be enjoyed for years in your home before being used as a burial vessel. Some use them as coffee tables, or as storage baskets at the foot of the bed. We can also make a simple cotton bag to protect the coffin if you would like to just store it until its needed. 

Weaving Together

Participating in weaving a coffin for a loved one or yourself can be a beautiful, healing experience. Please contact us for more information on visiting our farm to see the willow growing and be part of the weaving process. 

Please contact us for specific pricing and order details, as price varies by size and lining options. 

Adult coffins $1800-2200

Infant and child coffins $300-$1000

Pet coffins $200-400